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When the first generation Tickle Me Elmo came out, they flew off the shelves!

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Elmo's World: Elmo has two hands, two feet, and two ears! (This is a terrific first DVD for little ones because toddlers love learning the body parts. This video presents the topics in a great way; one segment even includes animals at the zoo.) Head to Toe with Elmo! (This DVD includes segments on getting dressed - jackets, hats and shoes. Little ones love it.)

Elmo's World:Families, Mail and Bath Time! (Another can't miss Elmo DVD. The family segment includes a lot of different types of families and relationships. For example, one segment explores a family celebrating a grandmother's birthday at a chinese restaurant. Another great first video.) Elmo's World: Babies, Dogs and More! (The more is a delightful segment about farms. Toddlers 18 months plus really enjoy this DVD.)
Kids' Favorite Songs (Elmo tries to countbackwards while his friends on sesame street interrupt him with their favorite songs. Lots of great Kids Music that toddlers can get up and dance to on this DVD.) Elmo's World: Singing, Drawing and More! (The more is a great segment on phones - little ones love to watch this DVD and play along with toy phones.)
Elmo's World: Dancing, Music and Books! (DVD) Elmocize! (Little ones love to bop around to this great DVD.)
Peter and the Wolf (For 2+, this DVD tells the famous story of Peter and the Wolf.) Elmo Visits the Firehouse! (for 2+)
Elmo and the Orchestra Songs from the Street - CD collection
Sesame Street Platinum (CD) Elmopalooza! (This DVD includes many stars singing along with Elmo.)
Elmo: Happy Holidays! (DVD) Elmo Saves Christmas! (DVD)
Christmas Eve on Sesame Street! (DVD) Sesame Steet Holiday Collection (Note: This DVD collection includes: Elmo's Saves Christmas, Elmo's World: Happy Holidays and Christmas Eve on Sesame Street!
Kids's Favorite Songs (CD) Bert and Ernie's Greatest Hits! (CD of Elmo's friends Bert and Ernie)
HOT HOT Dance Songs (CD) Kids' Favorite Songs (CD)
The Best Elmo (CD) Sing the Alphabet! (CD)
Sing Along Travel Songs (CD) Elmo says BOO! (A halloween favorite)
Count's Countdown (Elmo joins the Count for some Counting fun!) A celebration of me, Grover (Elmo joins Grover on this far out cd.)
Elmo's Hoedown! (CD) Elmo's Potty Time (A very recently released DVD; helps toddlers learn not to be afraid and help them make the all important transition from diapers!)
Elmo's Saves Christmas (CD) Elmo Visits the Doctor (Elmo and your toddler learn not to be afraid of the doctor with this DVD. In addition to toddlers watching Elmo get over his fear of the doctor, toddlers will also watch kids go to the doctor without any fear or trepidation. Seeing other kids visits will help toddlers feel more comfortable when they visit the doctor.)
Wake Up with Elmo! Do the Alphabet! (Big Bird teaches Baby Bear the Alphabet with fun songs and skits from sesame street.)
123 Count With Me (Is your toddler learning to count? They can have fun practicing along with this DVD.) Cookie Monster's Best Bites
The Street we Live On Sesame Street Halloween Adventure

Elmo's World Elmo and the Baby Animals
Where's Elmo? Elmo's 12 Days of Christmas
Elmo's Animal Adventures Elmo's Guessing Game about Colors
Sesame Street Elmo's Easy as 1 2 3 Babies!
Elmo's World: Getting Dressed! Elmo's Good Manners Game
Elmo's World: Dancing What's in Elmo's Backpack?
Sesame Street Elmo's Night Before Christmas Elmo's Valentine
Goodnight Elmo Surprise Mommy!
Sesame Street Elmo's Easy as ABC Elmo Loves You!
Elmo Plays Piano Elmo and Zoe's Alphabet
Potty Time with Elmo

Sesame People in Your Neighborhood Dancing Elmo!
Elmo, Big Bird and Zoe sleeping bag Cookie and Elmo Monster Jack in the Box
Elmo's World Play and Pop Piano Elmo Interactive Count Book
Sesame Street Medical Kit. For your budding doctor. Silly Parts Talking Elmo
Potty Elmo Singing Pop up Pals
Birds the Word Elmo Story Book Library
Elmo Backpack/Rolling Luggage Sesame Street Hop Scotch Mat
Giggle Gabbers Fisher Price Grow with Me Sprinkler
Elmo Tent Fire Engine Tent (Not Elmo but Great Tent for Playing!)
Elmo Cups Elmo Plates
Party Kit Plus > Cake or Cup Cake Decorating
Cake Decorating Kit Elmo Cake Pan
Napkins Napkins

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